About Us
Chest Disease Hospital 
The first clinic of chest disease was established in 1953. In 1956, the MC combat tuberculosis was established, it provided a unique service by locating MC cases and provided health care for them.
In 1959, many chest disease clinics were established and it included 27 doctors worked 24 hours in shifts. It used new technologies and techniques that played a significant role in the progress of chest disease field.
Chest Disease Hospital  (AlTawoniyat) in considered a breakthrough in the healthcare field and reflects the Ministry Of Health interest in heart Disease especially that it's one of the top ranked cause of death in Kuwait, and by having this facility it reduces the pressure on the Chest Disease hospital being the only facility for chest Disease before AlTawoniyat was established.
AlTawoniyat (the new Chest Disease hospital) is consists of four floors in area of 26 thousands mete squared,151 beds where 24 of them is located in ICU and two wards for VIP and it has new car parking.
Our Vision is to become a center of excellence internationally in the field of cardiothoracic medicine in management, education and research.
Our Name Stands for the Values : -
Safety First